Bay Area group SOB x RBE are making an imprint across America

So far the West Coast has been the forefront of hip-hop as they’ve taken over the first quarter of 2018 with the releases of The Black Panther soundtrack, Nipsey Hussle’s debut Victory Lap, & YG’s new single, Suu Woop that’s possibly on his anticipated album, Stay Dangerous . This year is  just getting started and there’s so much more to come as we anticipate new West Coast releases from YG, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, AD, etc.

TDE not only did a great job of putting together a body of work to reflect the movie and also the present day, but they also introduced listeners to the  newcomers coming out of the West Coast, Mozzy and SOBxRBE. I love what Mozzy did to Seasons but SOBxRBE stole the show with their single Paramedic What’s so dope about that record outside of it being a personal favorite of mines as well as a standout on the soundtrack, was how even though Kendrick was on the song, he still gave majority space to the crew for them to still shine on their own. What’s there not to love about those good ole Ignorant west coast sounds with a Bay Area twist? I’m hoping that Dave & the Little Homies decide to push the button on shooting the visual & have Michael B Jordan aka Erik Killmonger side to side with TDE and SOB as they all caught up in the mix in the great city of Oakland, California. It’s all just a simple dream and request from your boy that’s all.

After learning of the groups existence in the music world,  I decided to do some personal research on Apple music in hopes of playing catch up with any previous project from the group. I came across their self titled debut SOBxRBE and their 2nd project, GANGIN (which at the time it wasn’t available until 2/23).I pressed play on their first project and the first song Lane Changing started playing. The first few line that came from DaBoii were said and quote, “What you fuck niggas saying? Glock in the party, I be strapped like a gay bitch.Niggas lane changing, don't know where they lane is I carry big bills, nah nigga I ain't changing.” Between those lines and the beautiful Chaka Khan “Aint No Body Love Me Better” sample amongst the chaos and ruckus of the Bay Area production, they managed to set the correct tone for the start of the album. Overall the album was dope and contained standout records such as Anti, Block Boyz, & Bust Down. SOB also played the producer role as well on the project which is also impressive.

SOBxRBE is a group consisted of 4 unique vibrant  personalities; Slimmy B, Da Boii, Lul G, & Yhung T.O. All of the guys grew up with each other in the neighborhood. It first started off with Yhung T.O. & DaBoii as they were just recording and making music. Thing took off for them right after they dropped their visual for “Cautious.”  At the time, while Yhung T.O. & DaBoii were Real Boi Entertainment, Slimmy B and Lul G were doing SOB so in the end, all 4 parties decided to combine into one. It appears they were already making some noise in the Bay Area with their signature records Cautious, Anti, and Different. It’s quite a bit to say about this up and coming group of kids and I’m excited to see what’s in stored for their future.

James TeagueComment