Who will be the Bulls' top dog?

Hello Bulls fans,

We have enjoyed the growth and development of young players this whole season despite being hurt that Jimmy Butler was traded to the Timberwolves. When Jimmy Butler was here he was unquestionably the number one option on offense. Dwyane Wade even said that he would defer to Jimmy Butler, rightfully so because he was the best player on the team with the most longevity. With the implementation of all young new players there is no established “top dog” for the other players to differ to. In order for a team to have sustained success in the long run there must be a player that others differ to in crunch time. If you need a bucket then you go to this guy to either make a shot or go to the basket.

A lot of fans were under the conception with the trade that Zach LaVine will automatically be the go-to guy for the Chicago Bulls when he got healthy. What we didn’t count on was Lauri Markkanen and Kris Dunn developing into very serviceable starters who are still ascending. Yes the trade that sent Jimmy Butler to the Timberwolves as good for that franchise because they lacked a leader, and these three players being brought in was good for Chicago as well but a leader is still needed. The offense appears all over the place in important situations sometimes because one guy hasn’t stepped up yet.

I am under the believe that because of his aggressive nature and willingness to compete hard on both ends of the floor, I truly believe that Kris Dunn will be the one to force himself into that position. Lauri Markkanen is the player with the highest upside out of the three offensively. Lauri doesn’t have the aggressive personality to demand the basketball or put other players in their place when they make mistakes. Zach LaVine was who we all thought would be the immediate best player in the trade. We knew he would be out until January, but we didn’t count on the emergence of Lauri and Kris. I personally project that Kris Dunn will continue to ascend play wise and as the leader of the Chicago Bulls. The point guard is the ball dominant position of basketball, and you don’t want a guy who isn’t confident handling those duties. Earlier in the season Kris Dunn hit a game winner and the first thing that comes out of his mouth is “F$#% Him!”. I think that was the moment when he put the league on notice.The Chicago Bulls will rise again and it will be sooner than a lot of people think. Empires don’t rise without a great leader to lead the charge. The next couple weeks will be telling if Kris Dunn is in fact the alpha of this young Chicago Bulls roster.