Valee “GOOD Job, You Found Me” Review

One of the main loves that I have for the Chicago music scene is understanding how rich, deep, and  diverse it’s musical history is. .The city has been responsible for contributing towards such genres as blues, jazz, house music, gospel no thanks to the Great Migration that took place back in the 20th century. A lot of the music that came out in the first half of the twentieth century was dominated by majority of African American artists who relocated from the south to live up north in other industrial cities like Chicago to get away from the racism that occuring down south. When the migrants decided to introduce their traditions to the north, nothing was the same since.

Coming a long way from then to now, the Chicago music scene is almost as rich and diverse as it was, especially the rap scene. The rap scene is filled with so many different rappers with diverse styles of rap. On one side,  you got spitters like Twista, Lupe Fiasco and Common, and then you got the Drill scene rappers such as King Louie, Chief Keef and Fredo Santana (RIP).  You cant forget lovely ladies such as Da Bratt, Tink, Dreezy, Sasha Go Hard, & Katie Got Bandz who hold it down for the women of Chicago.  And finally you got the artist formerly known as Kanye West (even though he’s been Calabasas Ye for awhile now)  and the current man of the people, Chance the Rapper.

No matter how diverse and different the sounds may be in the scene, each artists contributes a different level of perspective in their music regarding Chicago as whole when telling their story about life in the city. The scene has been quiet for about a minute and hasn’t really had another moment like 2012 when Drill music was first introduced to the world. But just because its quiet doesnt mean that quality isn’t still produced

And then there comes  Valee (pronounced Vuh-lay). I got introduced to his music last year  through  Larry, one of our good brothers from the Barber’s Chair  team Larry with “We Up.” .

The record won me over and led me towards his Soundcloud and recent mixtape release 1988.  The moment I was introduced to his music, suddenly I started hearing and seeing his music all through social media. I heard records like Shells, I Got Whatever, & then his most infamous verse on Two Z’s with Z-Money. At that moment, It was when i decided to jump onto the bandwagon.

It would only be a matter of time before GOOD Music records got a hold of this rapper and brought him on board to the team. Rumors started spreading back in 2017 when their twitter page tweeted one of Valee’s joint Miami, which they later redid and added an extra verse from Pusha Ton aka Pusha T.

Last Friday, Valee decided to somewhat surprise drop his debut six-track EP with GOOD Music to give those a taste of what’s to come for 2018. Starting off with an EP carrying three new tracks and 3 popular songs that put you on the map is a perfect way to introduce yourself the listeners. For me, the Stand out records were Juice & Gin, Vlone, & Skinny.  I had seen and heard the snippets of Skinny  some time on social media. Me personally, My favorite record still off tht EP is Miami with Pusha Ton. Don’t get me wrong, Skinny going to go off when you out at the function going up. But the vibes that I get when blasting with Miami stick with me more and plus what’s a GOOD music record without a fire ass Pusha T verse? Prior to him signing with GOOD Music, Valee and Kanye had spoke on the phone some months ago and then met up at a creative center in LA. During his interview with Fader, he opened up about Kanye’s West process in creating the EP. He said that they were listening to each track for about a few times before deciding if they were going to use it for the EP. They were wondering with him listening if he was going to make some minor or major tweaks towards the records. “We sent him something that was missing a cowbell or something like that and he wanted to add that in,” Valee said.  “Some of the songs were out and, while we thought they sounded crispy and clear, he had his people go over it and have everything sounding A1. Now, we can play it in Benz and BMW speakers and nothing's poppin'.” When it came to advice, Kanye mentioned to Valee to being open towards whatever direction that he wants to go in when it comes to creating music. Even though this is a short but sweet EP, Im looking forward to seeing what’s to come for the young Valee. He’s just getting started and I can guarantee to expect more new music coming soon.