Shayna Baszler gets back at Kairi Sane, NXT inches closer and closer to Takeover New Orleans

Shayna Gets Revenge

WWE Network

WWE Network

Shayna Baszler is scary, if you read my usual NXT recaps, you would already know that. Baszler finally beat Kairi Sane in a good matchup on this week’s episode. Bazler looks much better in the ring as she was moving to the speed of a pro wrestler. She can get better but I like the path that she is on. Her finish with Kairi was pretty good as she hit her with a suplex into a clutch. Her character work is one of the best in NXT, and they keep presenting her as the monster she is.

Personally, I hope they create more women feuds within NXT so it wouldn’t be a forgone conclusion on who are the main eventers. We haven’t seen the Iconic Duo in months, Bianca BelAir is going through enhancement talent & Nikki Cross is in a stand still with her position in the company. NXT should mimic how they were positioning their women wrestlers in 2016 and highlight feuds in 2018.

Quick Hits

Showing some love to 205 Live as they had 2 great matches this week with Cedric Alexander/TJP & Roderick Strong/Kalisto for the Cruiserweight tournament. While Cedric vs. TJP was great technically; Roderick vs. Kalisto was a hard-hitting affair that ended beautifully. Alexander vs. Strong has “Match of the Year” potential written all over it as this tournament has brought the best out of 205 Live.

Tyler Bate has been on a losing streak as he lost to Velveteen Dream in the opening match of the episode. I won’t question Triple H’s booking but I wonder what they are doing with Bate. Dream needs the momentum as he is one of the best characters on the show but hopefully we have a clear direction for Bate.

Now that Almas beat Johnny Wrestling (pour one for a real one), we have seen an angle for Aleister Black vs. Killian Dain of the #1 Contender spot for the NXT Championship.

Next week, we will have the start of the Dusty Rhodes Classic as TM61 vs. Author of Pain starts it off. AOP is probably going to win in a convincing fashion……WWE just push them up to the main roster already.