New rappers to look out for in 2018

A common theme found in music has been “out with the old, In with the new," and the rap genre in general has always considered a young man's sport. Every few years, we’re blessed with a new wave of artists that manage to leave their mark in the rap world. This year, new talent are ready to run with the torch. Here are a few rappers you should look out for in 2018.


G.O.O.D. Music Rapper Valee is one of the hottest commodities in Chicago right now. I came across his music last year when I heard We Up By Bricc Baby, which led me to his 1988 Mixtape on Soundcloud. Valee has went to drop other songs such as I Got Whatever, Shells and his verse on Two 16’s with Z-Money. Like other Chicago rappers to blow up, Valee has his own sound which he describes as "elegant trap music." I'm looking forward to a full Valee project this year.

Tate Kobang

I remember discovering 300 Entertainment artist Tate Kobang during this past A3C when I was at a friends event. The crowd's response to North North made me go back and listen to more. Fast forward some months after, he dropped his mixtape Tate Ko. The northeast Baltimore native has dropped three mixtapes so far. I haven't heard much from Baltimore, but Tate's music makes me hope to discover more.


The Race is one of my favorite records of 2017, it's so catchy. Tay-K was facing different charges and was in jail at the time when the record blew up. Apparently on June 30th, the same day that The Race was released, he got arrested in New Jersey due to some incidents that date back to 2016. He released his debut Project Santana World on July 17th. Since then The Race has went platinum and a remix was made featuring 21 Savage and Young Nudy. Recently his camp released a new song, After You. There’s really no telling of what his future is going to look like since he’s behind bars. But if in fact he’s released, then I’m going to need for someone to get in his and make sure he sticks to doing music because he’s definitely got star potential.


Discovered Kami through a homie after he told us to play his record 2 T’d. Kami is another member of the Save Money Militia, the same group that gave us Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa and Joey Purp. Other standout records for me include Payload & Everything Gone. He already has a project released called Just Like the Movies. Be on the lookout for music from him to come in the new year.

Jack Harlow

It was getting to a point where I was losing interest in white rappers especially after the release of Eminem’s new album, Revival. Then suddenly I accidentally stumbled onto Jack Harlow’s music video for Dark Knight. It showed Jack riding around downtown with his homies while turnt up. From the flow of the song to how his voice sounded on the record, all I know was that I needed to listen to a full blown project to find out more about him. There I came across his project Gazebo and it was on from there. I'm looking to hearing new more music from him.

Mula Guapo

I actually just randomly came across Mula Guapo's music while browsing through IG. He just dropped his new joint Crazy and it grabbed my attention from jump. While research more information on Mula’s music, I come to find out that he hails from Bridgeport, CT and his Soundcloud page still looks fresh. I’ll be keeping an eye out on his music.

Young Nudy

It took me some time to really get into Nudy's music. Usually when it comes to Atlanta artist, I hear most of their records either while I’m out and about or when I’m with my Atlanta homies. At first I may not know the name of the song but Ill always research or have a homie put me onto the artist. EA with 21 Savage was what really put me onto Nudy’s music. Nudy Land introduced me to records such as Loaded Baked Potato, 4L Gang Shit, Barbecue, etc. him & 21 got their collaborative album 4lbum and his solo project Slime Ball 3 coming all sometime this year.

NBA Youngboy

I was put onto NBA Youngboy’s radar through some of my Louisiana homies. His project AI Youngboy reeled me in to check out some of his music. My favorite tracks from him include No Smoke, Left Hand Right Hand, Murda Gang, Outside, etc.