David Nwaba's importance on the Chicago Bulls

Hello Bulls fans,

The NBA has changed a lot over the years as far as the type of players that are wanted in the draft. Big men are no longer wanted to just sit in the paint and play with their back to the basket. There is a big emphasis on 7-foot players who can shoot the 3-point shot effectively.There is one thing about the league that hasn’t changed over the years, and that’s having an energy guy on your team.

What I mean by that is a player who is going to come in off the bench and hustle hard, dive for the basketball, contest shots, and make the crowd get into the game. A way I like to look at it is imagine playing in a pick up game at the park. Usually on the court at the pick up game is a guy that wears running or track shoes. The guy who is wearing these shoes is the guy who plays aggressive defense or hacks whoever he is guarding. That is the kind of player needed for most teams that comes off the bench.

The Chicago Bulls acquired David Nwaba in the offseason from the Lakers. Nwaba has shown the ability to get to the rim and finish with authority during a fast break. Defensively he’s very aggressive and at times gets ticky tack fouls, but that all depends on how the referees are calling the game. He would be everything Thibs ever wanted in a player and more when it comes to tenacity and aggressiveness. The athleticism Nwaba possesses is quite remarkable to say the least. He can go up and get alley oops with ease or even jump over big men to grab rebounds. Nwaba does the dirty work like dive for the loose basketballs or take charges. These are all things that make Chicagoans fall in love with you as a player.

David Nwaba scored a career-high 21 points during a start with nine rebounds, two assists, one steal, one block, three 3-pointers and six fouls in 33 minutes against the 76ers last Thursday. When given the minutes and shots he has shown to be an effective player for the Bulls. He’s come back from the all-star break shooting 3-pointers with confidence. He’s a developing player who will bring energy to a team in a way that ignites the crowd. I believe he will be an effective 6th man for this roster for next season no matter which way the organization decides to go.