Elimination Chamber predictions


Gallows and Anderson vs. Miztourage

Robert O'Neill: Gallows and Anderson have had a really nice 2018 so far as they’ve reestablished themselves as friends of Finn Balor, and it’s paid off in droves. They’ll probably be in some sort of multi-team match at Wrestlemania. Miztourage will too! It’ll be fun.

As far as this match… Gallows and Anderson will probably win. Maybe not. I don’t know. I’m picking them. Preshow matches are weird sometimes.

Chris Novak: Going to go with The Club here. They’ve heated them up a bit over the last few weeks, even with their feud against The Revival in mind. I have a… funny feeling that this is going to set up to something further down the line involving the leaders of these groups. Gonna say Gallows and Anderson win though so the crowd starts off happy.

Lincoln Ricketts: Gallows and Anderson needs this win, especially if Balor Club wants to be shown as a legit stable. This match can potentially set up a Miztourage v Balor Club feud heading towards Wrestlemania.

Winner: Gallows & Anderson

Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt

Rob: If you read the Raw and Smackdown recap every week you know these are two of my three or four least favorite characters in the whole company. It sucks, because Matt’s gimmick in TNA was so good and revolutionary and then WWE came and ruined it. I guess I’ll give Bray the win here because… he needs it? I guess? Sure.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Chris Novak:  Thinking Matt Hardy wins here because they’ve talked about how he’s yet to beat Bray. I don’t know what’s to come for either of these two at Mania, which says a lot about what can happen in a year, eh? Bray was in the WWE TITLE MATCH LAST YEAR, and Matt was part of one of the best moments of the show. If not THE best. His brother’s absence has hampered things a little bit for him. But for Bray? Well… uh. Yeah.

Lynx: While this has been an underwhelming feud, I see this feud ending at Wrestlemania creating the WOKEN universe, so expect Bray to win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

The Bar vs. Titus Worldwide

Rob: It’s kind of weird that they’re doing this match again, as it’s happened on Raw a bunch recently. They’ve all been pretty good matches, though, as these four work well together. The Bar will likely retain and head into Wrestlemania as champions.

Winners: The Bar

Chris: Titus Worldwide has dominated this feud so I think The Bar retain here. The problem I have here is I wonder if it’s gotten a little too stale. It feels like there’s more possibilities for a face team as the champs than a heel team. I won’t be surprised if Titus Worldwide wins, but I’m just going to pick The Bar right now.

Lynx: Sure, Titus Worldwide has had the number of the Raw Tag Team Champions but let’s be serious, The Bar are not losing to Titus Worldwide before Wrestlemania.

Winners: The Bar

Asuka vs. Nia Jax

Rob: If Nia beats Asuka, the match at Wrestlemania where Asuka will face either Charlotte or the winner of the Women’s Elimination Chamber becomes a triple threat. It would be a really weird decision to have Asuka lose her first match in WWE in this fashion, so I’m inclined to believe she’ll win, while making Nia look good in the process.

Winner: Asuka

Chris Novak: It would be SO WWE to not have two singles matches for their Women’s Titles after all this talk over the past few weeks. That being said… Asuka will win here. I don’t get what they’re doing at all with Nia, and frankly, I’m closer to just being over her than I am being intrigued by her. How can you have a monster who doesn’t win against… well, any of the big guns? Give me The Empress of Tomorrow.

Lynx: Logic dedicates that Asuka will win and maintain her undefeated streak…..but this is the WWE and I’m kind of scared because they did this to Charlotte last year against Bayley. I’m determined that the WWE will do the right thing and make Asuka win.

Winner: Asuka


Women’s Elimination Chamber

Rob: Now we get to the two main events (well, the show’s namesake at least. They probably won’t have the Chamber matches go back to back). This one is far more unpredictable than the men’s iteration in my opinion. Sasha Banks and Bayley have been intertwined, Alexa Bliss and Mickie James and been intertwined, and Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are obviously intertwined. There’s a lot that could happen here!

But, I’m picking Alexa to retain. I think Sasha and Bayley will be so hellbent on one-upping each other that they cost each other the match, leading to an Eddie Guerrero/Rey Mysterio WM21 type match at Wrestlemania. I think Mickie and Alexa’s partnership lasts long enough to take out the two members of Absolution, and Alexa gets one over on Mickie.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Lynx: Here’s the thing, Alexa has been in the spotlight of the Women’s Division for so long that she needs to be featured at Wrestlemania. I personally want Sasha to win and face Bayley at Wrestlemania with the title on the line, but knowing WWE, Alexa is going to win in a conniving way (Blame Mickie James).

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Chris: Based on EVERYTHING that’s happened so far… I think Alexa Bliss will walk out as champion. Here’s why: Mandy and Sonya… just got here. It’s too early for each of them. Frankly, I could see an “implosion” happen between the two of them more than I could see either of them winning. Mickie… will be betrayed by Alexa, despite Bliss recruiting her as an ally. Bayley… will pin Sasha Banks, but will get eliminated later on. And Sasha? Well. Um… Bayley… watch your back. That all being said, I have no clue what the HELL they’re going to do at Mania, because part of me thinks that Asuka will go to SmackDown to face Charlotte. But another part… well, I’ll get to that later.



RONDA ROUSEY WILL GO TO SMACKDOWN! LIVE: That’s right. I’m calling my shot. A lot of this has felt like almost TOO MUCH of a formality. There’s certainly a possibility that they’ll have Ronda and Stephanie have an angle to set up a mixed tag in NOLA. HOWEVER… I would like to point out the fact that besides Stephanie, there were NO RAW women included in the hype video package for her this past Monday night on RAW. Only Charlotte, Naomi and Natalya were. All of those are, of course, a part of SmackDown Live. So, methinks Shane and Bryan, PERHAPS accompanied by Charlotte, will swerve Kurt and Steph and bring Rousey to SDL. Thus, setting up Charlotte vs. Rousey for the title at Mania. That could main event, you know.


Men’s Elimination Chamber

Rob: This one is far more predictable, despite WWE’s best efforts to convince us otherwise, and that’s fine! Roman Reigns is going to win, but these are probably the seven best male performers in WWE right now (yikes, Smackdown), so the match will inevitably kick ass. Braun Strowman will powerslam someone through a pod, Finn Balor will do a Coup de Grace from the top of a pod. Roman Reigns will spear someone through a pod. Lot of pod-based offense here. Also Seth Rollins will continue to put on big matches and John Cena is John Cena. What’s not to love?

Roman and Brock was one of the best Wrestlemania main events in recent memory. Please don’t attempt to tell me otherwise. It will be great again this year.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Chris: I am torn between two people here, but methinks that Roman Reigns will win. The only other person I could see winning is Seth Rollins, considering how much they heated him up in the Gauntlet Match. Whew, buddy, what a performance that was. But Roman-Brock at Mania seems very, very inevitable. Funny how those three are intertwined again, huh?

Lynx: I’m going to go against the grain here and choose Seth Rollins. Let’s make this unpredictable and create a triple threat match with Roman & Brock as a rematch from WM31. Plus the WWE universe is behind Rollins with his recent performances in the ring

Winner: Seth Rollins