'Paverbs': Tales of the city Vol. 2

Us men at times don't understand the simple concept of "Women can do it to". We also think that women are such emotionally irrational creatures that they can't separate sex from actual feelings. Which is completely false; this is 2018 & the power is theirs. Sometimes she just needs some sex & you're just around & haven't talked yourself out the action.

This can sometimes last for months, hell I've even had situations like this last for almost a year. But don't get it twisted; she doesn't care about you. Unless you've had conversations with this woman that say otherwise, don't assume you're anything more.

Also, don't assume you can sex a woman into developing feelings for you. It's impossible & the quickest way to get your heart broken. The most painful relationship a man can be in is one with a woman who's single. Just appreciate the moments, appreciate the sex & don't overestimate your importance.

Let's first dive into what an "off night" is. The best way I can explain it is this: even Michael Jordan didn't drop 30 every night. Every now & then he had some 15-20 point games sprinkled in. That didn't happen often but it doesn't matter; the fact still remains it happened.

It's the same with women, especially the high maintenance bad ones in the city that seem so unattainable. On most nights, for you, they are but every now & then they'll make an exception. Usually, this exception has nothing to do with anything you actually did so don't sit back & assume you just have all the juice. No, you were just around; you were chosen & you didn't talk enough to fuck it up. You've probably been nothing but nice to her for the duration of time that you've known her & she just might need that energy in her life tonight.

It could be a multitude of things that cause this "off night" to happen but the top three reasons I've witnessed are:

  • An athlete or entertainer boyfriend being caught cheating so she's liable to engage in revenge sex.
  • The holiday season when the city kind of slows down a bit & most of the people who she is living that life with are back at home for the holidays.
  • The forever undefeated boredom.

    If she's that fire she's used to money, she's been around it & if you don't have it you won't keep her around. But every now & then when the stars align perfectly she can be yours, for one night only.

The City is a crazy place, everything seems so replaceable. So in turn everything is devalued, especially people & your relationships with them. Like I've mentioned before, a Hollywood three months is a normal year. In REAL life that's still only 90 days, but that's more than enough time to create a false reality about people. You see the people in this life usually aren't your friends, but when you're living at this speed it sure can seem like it. When you see somebody every night for three months when most people don't last a week, it can create a false sense of friendship.

Now you start calling people the homie whose last names you don't even know. Every memory you have with this person is past 9pm & jaded with drugs & alcohol. But you're so conditioned by the city you forgot that regular people don't live this way. It's like you guys have like your own little country club that only a few are privileged to. But these people, because they aren't your friends, aren't going to call you at 2pm to hang out & just talk.

But at this point, that's all you know because you don't meet regular people because they don't live like you. They can't stay up until 4am every night because they have work in the morning. So now you have to hit the streets every night because that's the only place you aren't lonely at, which is one reason why everybody says the city is so fake. It's not really that people are THAT much faker than anywhere else. It's that life moves at such a rapid speed you don't notice that they don't love you like that.