Super-early Wrestlemania predictions


It’s the Road to Wrestlemania, and things are shaping up. While last year had a clearer road, this year might shock us with some of its matches. We know of one match already (AJ vs. Nakamura) but the others are still in the process of forming on TV. I honestly believe that this card would make a great Wrestlemania that highlights the New Era.

Main Matches


AJ Styles v Shinsuke Nakamura – WWE Championship

Already known but we have been waiting for this for 2 years on American Soil.

Brock Lesnar v Roman Reigns – Universal Championship

The inevitable main event that will show Roman being the only person to kick out of a F5 and win the title, we know how this is going to go.

Charlotte v Asuka – SD Women’s Championship

Asuka’s streak of running through the RAW roster has me wondering that she is going to jump to the other side and face Charlotte. Plus we haven’t seen a high-profile women’s match like this in quite some time.


Bayley v Sasha Banks – RAW Women’s Championship

If Sasha turns heel and wins the Chamber match, this is what we need to see. Wrestling fans have been waiting a long time for Sasha to turn heel and have a Dean/Seth type of feud with Bayley, this is money written all over it. 


The Miz v Seth Rollins v Finn Balor – I.C. Championship

Remember the Triple Threat between these men last year? It tore the house down. Seth & Finn are in limbo with no feuds heading into Wrestlemania, this would be a great spot & position to see the technical work of Seth & Finn w/ the character work of The Miz.

The USOs v Bludgeon Brothers – SD Tag Team Championship

Usos DESERVE to be on the main show, they were the best tag team in 2017 and they gave us classics throughout the year. Finding a suitable opponent is kind of tough as they beat every tag team on SD Live besides the Bludgeon Brothers.

Bobby Roode v Randy Orton v Dolph Ziggler v Rusev – United States Championship

Bobby Roode has been flourishing ever since he made it to the main roster. Add in the fact that Randy Orton needs a Wrestlemania spot and with RUSEV becoming the most OVER person in the WWE, they will be added as well. This should be a fine match that would have Rusev coming out on top and everyone screaming RUSEV DAY.


Kevin Owens v Sami Zayn – (GM Stipulation)

This angle has been going on since Summerslam and we need a fitting conclusion with all parties included. Add a stipulation that if Kevin or Sami loses, Shane or Daniel will have to leave Smackdown and we have ourselves a must-see match.

Braun Strowman/Ronda Rousey v Triple H/Stephanie McMahon

All eyes would be on this match because this would most likely be Ronda Rousey’s first match in the WWE. Braun needs a spot at Wrestlemania to solidify the great year that he had.

John Cena v Samoa Joe

I don’t want to see Undertaker v Cena. The masses may want to see it, but I don’t. Samoa Joe has been the most consistent heel in the WWE that isn’t named the Miz, he’s due for a high profile match at Wrestlemania and Big Match John would be the one to give it to him.

Cedric Alexander v Drake Maverick/Rey Mysterio

If the WWE wants us to take the cruiserweight division seriously, they need a spot on the main show. Cedric Alexander has been the most consistent worker for 205 Live and they should bring in Rey Mysterio to create a big match atmosphere.

Pre-Show Matches

The Bar v The Revival v The Club – RAW Tag Team Championship
Nia Jax v Alexa Bliss
Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal