When cuffing season ain't for you



It’s that time of the year when people want to be bae’d up, cuddled, and have relationship goal posts on their social media for their followers to envy. With the weather being cold, it sounds like the perfect opportunity to set sights on a new bae. If you haven’t by now, there’s still a little bit time before cuffing season ends, then we roll over into spring time, swimsuit and sundress season.

This isn’t to say go rush into a new fling. Sometimes you have to realize this season is not for you, and it is perfectly fine to skip over cuffing season whether by choice or not. Don’t let your single status get you in a slump! This is a mini-guide on how to live your best life when cuffing season just ain’t for you.




Slow down on the single memes

We get it, you’re lonely and single AF. But guess what? No one really cares.

Being a Debbie Downer or continuously complaining about how you’re spending V-Day by yourself only makes others want to stay away due to you putting off negative vibes. Instead, find motivational affirmations that will brighten your mood and encourage you to think about self-love, your passions, and enjoying your life. Also, it is important to realize you do not need someone to complete you!

Plan ahead for the future

Use this time to come up with a strategic plan on how to tackle your goals. We all have to-do lists on things we want to accomplish, but it is hard to get to the finish line if we don’t have an action plan.

Take this time of singleness to draft out your short term steps to complete your long term goals. Whether you want to get your summer body ready and need to work on your nutrition, or revitalizing your LinkedIn profile to secure the bag. Personal and professional development on yourself is essential to your growth. Start a Trello board to map out your next major goal now.

Explore a New Hobby

This is a good season to get back to something you enjoy doing or exploring new activities you didn’t even know you liked. Maybe there’s a new dodgeball league starting up or you always wanted to take up pole dancing classes;now is a great time to start. You will not only take your mind off of this cuffing season, but you will be re-focusing your energy on something that you will enjoy.

Some other great hobbies to try are blogging, podcasting, learning to code, cooking, crafting and volunteering. Who knows? Your new hobby may lead you to something unexpected like a new stream of income or perhaps undiscovered skills, so just go for it!

Reconnect with Old Friends & Make New Friends

Don’t feel like you have to be alone because cuffing season is in full force. Spend some time with your friends and catch up. You could have a bowling night or a movie night; better yet, host a Drinks & Discussions night with each person bringing a plus one and have everyone write a question or topic that will go into a bowl, then you will take turns discussing each one.

If you want to make new friends, look into joining a group on Meetup.com. There is a group for everything you can think of from gamers, non-profits, natural hair enthusiasts and more. Even if you can’t find a group, they give you the ability to create your own based on your interests.


It’s time to venture out! Yes it sounds super cute to go on a baecation, but you can enjoy traveling alone or with a group of people. There are a plethora of travel groups that embrace solo travelers to come along on trips that they have planned out. Whether you want to collect stamps on your passport and visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland or take a road trip to the Pocono Mountains, there are so many sights to see across this globe.

Cuffing season also means there are more deals since a lot of people travel less during this time! Even if you aren’t ready for a trip too far away, treat yourself to a staycation and view your own backyard as a tourist would, you’ll be surprised what you will discover.

Don’t Settle

Last but not least, know your worth. Just because you are single, does not mean you should accept any person that comes your way. People can get vulnerable and weak due to desiring a relationship, but everyone is not right for you. There are many that prey on the weak during cuffing season, getting this person’s hopes up that it will blossom into more.

Make sure you have your standards set, don’t lose your morals, and appreciate who you are. If there’s something you don’t like about yourself, work on it and improve. Use this time to live your best life and not accept nonsense from anyone.

Enjoy the rest of cuffing season, even if you are enjoying it single.