Hulk Hogan is bragging about his python again... and shading The New Day at the same time?

When will Terry Bollea learn that bragging about the size of your pythons only gets you in trouble?

So Terry has me blocked on Twitter, which is a shame because he can’t see how awesome my Twitter name/combo is.


Alas, Terry Bollea, star of the hit Pornhub video “I Guess We’re All a Little Racist”, was welcomed back to WWE this summer after a three-year exile, to the dismay of many. Terry’s given fake apologies to anyone that cares to hear them in an effort to fix his shattered reputation. One group of people who weren’t hearing it were the black delegation of wrestlers inside the Federation, of which Titus O’Neill and The New Day have been vocal about their feelings on Terry.

Terry made his first appearance in a WWE ring in three years at last week’s Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia, already a clusterfuck of a show in itself considering Vince McMahon’s refusal to pull out of the event after the country admitted that Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside a Saudi consolate in Turkey in October.

Still, Vince paid Terry - one of many decaying wrestlers on the show - to “host” Crown Jewel, which basically means “go out there, open the show and say ‘Brother’ a few times to make people forget you’re a racist for five minutes.” Terry did his thing and couldn’t wait to get back home to the states to tweet about it.

First, the obvious… Terry is a leathery 65-year-old man. No one except your oversized ego believes you can hang with anyone on the WWE roster, probably not even Noam Dar, who is shaped like a Wheat Thin. You should’ve stopped bragging about your pythons 20 years ago, but clearly you don’t learn from your mistakes.

Second… is he specifically throwing shade at The New Day? Because fam…. I don’t think you want smoke with Big E, Xavier and Kofi. They’re undefeated in this game. Neva lost. Tuesday should be another great promo from ya boys - the New Day.

Back to Terry… the Federation was perfectly fine without you, and it still will be once you’re in the ground. Your presence is unneeded… go tour the country, sign some t-shirts and fade into obscurity. The wrestling world won’t miss you as much as you think.