WWE Super-Show Down 2018: Results, recap, analysis

  1. Time for the second of WWE’s three big international WWE Network events this year, Super Show-Down from the Melbourne Cricket Ground! This show originally aired at 4:30 AM on Saturday. We did not write this at 4:30 AM, just so you know.

This opening video is pretty awesome, I’ve gotta say. So was the pyro!

The Bar vs. The New Day - Smackdown Tag Team Titles

The New Day went with Woods and Kofi, which isn’t my *favorite* New Day pairing, but still good nonetheless. All possible pairings are good, if we’re being honest.

The match was what you would expect it to be, considering it’s two of the best tag teams in recent memory. The New Day retained after about 15 minutes of back and forth action, as Kofi got the pin on Cesaro. Not too shabby for the longest reigning tag team champion in WWE history.

Chris Novak: Thought this match was just fine. Both are capable of better and they’ve shown it, but that’s okay. This served as a perfectly fine opener. So far, so good here.

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair - Smackdown Women’s Title

Robert O’Neill: Charlotte won by disqualification, but Becky retained. It wasn’t their best match, but I like the finish. There’s nothing wrong with doing that for a “heel” champion, even though Becky really isn’t technically a heel. Charlotte is getting a rematch on Smackdown where Becky will lose the title if she gets disqualified. It’s good storytelling for sure.

Chris Novak: Pretty much how I see it. This is the best series of matches between women superstars in quite some time, and so I’m glad they’re getting time to work. This was another good one (although the one at HIAC was better). Nonetheless I’m excited for SmackDown.

Elias and Kevin Owens vs. John Cena and Bob Lashley

Robert O’Neill: Ah, man. Elias and Owens were great to start the segment, as usual. Owens screamed “I TOLD THEM SUPER SHOW-DOWN SHOULD HAVE BEEN HELD IN CANADA.” It’s the little things he does that makes him so good.

Anyway this match was mostly a showcase of how John Cena can still wrestle, and he showed off his new finisher, the Lightning Punch, which is just a punch. It’s absurd and hilarious, in an ironic way. It made a ton of people on Twitter mad, so it’s a good move. Cena cut a nice promo thanking the crowd after the match.

Chris Novak: First off, Cena’s Insta post had me rolling. Secondly, this was fine. The Lightning Punch is ridiculous but it’s supposed to be. I miss seeing Cena on a week-to-week basis. I’ll say it. Hopefully we get more of Cena down the line.

Asuka and Naomi vs. The IIconics

Robert O’Neill: Awesome moment to start the match, as Billie and Peyton cut a promo about how happy they are to be in Australia. Really nice stuff.

After a solid contest, Billie and Peyton got the win. Good for WWE. They don’t always do the hometown winning thing, and you can tell it meant a lot to both of them. This video of the two of them watching their families react is also well worth your time.

Chris Novak: Yeah the match was… okay. It was okay at best, but it provided a very feel-good moment for them. Something you don’t often see them do for villains, but nonetheless, this was good stuff. Good for Billie and Peyton.

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe - WWE Title

Robert O’Neill: For the first time in recent memory, WWE started a blood feud match with both guys wildly brawling and striking instead of just locking up and doing a typical chain wrestling start. That’s how they should start these every time. The match was as brutal and physical as expected, and Styles retained when Joe tapped to the Calf Crusher. That’s certainly one way to end the match. I like it, it’s a definitive ending to the match and the feud, I guess, but it would have been nice to see Joe get some time with the belt.

Chris Novak: It is what it is. Joe was a villain who I don’t think NEEDS the belt. The end result would’ve been wanting to see Styles win it back from him anyway. So it’s like, hey, if he’s just one of the harder nuts for Styles to crack, that’s fine. This was one of the best matches they’ve had together this year, which is saying something, because the previous two at SummerSlam and at HIAC were both awesome.

Riott Squad vs. Ronda Rousey and The Bella Twins

Robert O’Neill: I think first and foremost, Liv Morgan deserves a lot of credit for getting right back in the ring with Brie Bella after the incident a couple weeks ago. I know it was an accident and Brie wasn’t being malicious, but if I was in Liv’s shoes, I would probably have some reservations.

The match was quite good. You knew the result going in, but the Riott Squad continued to look strong, and Rousey got the win by locking the armbar in on both Logan and Morgan which made for a super cool visual. There was no turn by The Bellas after the match, so that will have to wait.

Chris Novak: I’m quite surprised we didn’t get the turn in this match. But I’m guessing it’ll happen on Monday night in Chicago. Nevertheless, like you said Rob, this match was a lot of un. And that’s to be expected really when you take a look at the competitors here.

Cedric Alexander vs. Buddy Murphy - WWE Cruiserweight Title

Robert O’Neill: Buddy Murphy is another hometown hero! He came out with the Australian flag, which was pretty neat.

205 Live is the best hour of wrestling of the week every week, and these two are the brightest and the best. This match was pretty nuts. Murphy kicked out of a Lumbar Check which is very rare, then managed to score the pinfall and win the title in his home nation. Good stuff.

Chris Novak: WWE REALLY and I mean REALLY shied away from their usual tricks. Because they had TWO matches with hometown heroes, and they BOTH won. Shout out to Bud Murphy, who absolutely deserves this upcoming run with the Cruiserweight Championship. He’s been incredible and I’d love to see him intermingle with some of the guys on Raw and SmackDown someday down the line. He is that damn good.

The Shield vs. The Dogs of War

Robert O’Neill: The Shield did the crowd entrance, which looks really cool when they do it in a huge stadium like this.

I don’t think it’s possible for The Shield to have a bad six-man tag, dating back to their original run. They just get it, and it shows. Ambrose got the win on Ziggler after a long and physical match, and I like that finish because Ambrose has been the main part of the story the last few weeks.

Chris Novak: Yeah, that finish was outstanding to be honest. Great six-man tag here. Looking forward to seeing how things turn out from here.

The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

Robert O’Neill: Whoa, okay. Bryan caught Miz with a Small Package about two minutes in and got the win. I don’t love the decision to have both Bryan and Styles win, but the eventual match should be good, and this keeps the Bryan/Miz feud running strong.

Chris Novak: I have no idea how to properly rate this or state what happened here. Cause… I was not expecting that. At all.

Undertaker vs. Triple H

Robert O’Neill: This was made a no disqualification match at the last minute. Such drama!

Naturally, that stipulation came into effect almost instantly, as Kane and Shawn Michaels got involved, as did steel chairs and, this will surprise you, sledgehammers. The match was exactly what you would expect given everyone involved. Slow, overbooked, nostalgic, and not the worst thing in the world. Triple H won with the Pedigree for THE LAST TIME he’ll ever face The Undertaker in a singles match… maybe.

Chris Novak: God help me, this match was… these guys need to just quit while they’re ahead. Like, it was a spectacle, and all that, but whoosh. Especially ‘Taker. Go home and watch Tucker Carlson, dude.

Final Thoughts

Robert O’Neill: This wasn’t a glorified house show like the Greatest Royal Rumble, but it wasn’t… not that. I mean, there was one title change on this show compared to zero at GRR, but aside from that, everything kind of went as expected. It was a fine show, but it certainly didn’t live up to the domestic pay-per-views WWE has put on pretty much all year. If nothing else, I’m looking forward to seeing where the stories go from here. C+

Chris Novak: The show was solid. You had two must-see matches (CW Title, Joe/Styles) a couple very good ones (Becky/Charlotte, Riott Squad/Ronda&Bellas, Shield/Dogs of War) and some things in between. I’ll be generous and give this a B- but that’s because I’m easy to please.