Warriors scarier than ever behind Steph Curry's historic start to season

Carlos Avila Gonzalez / The Chronicle

Carlos Avila Gonzalez / The Chronicle

We’re only a week and a half in and the league is in mid-season form. The same can be said for the Warriors, who have already taken their place atop the West. But they’re not the team we’ve grown used to seeing the past two years with Kevin Durant in tow. This time, Steph Curry is the in charge of things on offense.

Life is great for the #StephBetter contingent. Curry leads the league in scoring at 33.9 ppg on 50-50-90 shooting. He leads the Warriors in shot attempts, just a hair in front of Durant, and incredibly, over half of Curry’s field goals have been 3-pointers.

A good sign of the offensive shift is the amount of three’s Curry is getting off (about 13 a game.) In the last two seasons, it often felt as though the game plan was to keep Durant comfortable, causing Curry’s game to suffer just slightly. However, the Warriors showed in last season’s Finals that they reach their peak when Curry is the primary option.

Steph knows how to embrace the lead man role. It’s been a career long goal for Curry to perfect the balance of creating for others and taking over by himself. Through seven games, he’s on pace to set an NBA record for offensive plus-minus with 12.77. Curry’s done this by limiting his one-on-one three’s, driving more to the rim to create for his teammates, and though he’s missed some easy layups, he’s mastered the art of relocating to the corner before the defense can catch their breath. Teams realize this, but they still can’t stop it, and it doesn’t help that there’s always one other All-Star on the court at the same time.

KD and Draymond Green have followed their point guard’s lead. The two sit just behind him in Assist Percentage at 26% and 28% respectively (Curry is sitting at 25%.) While Golden State leads the league in team assists, they’re also leading the league in team turnovers, 69% (nice) of which are coming off of bad passes. While this stat certainly sounds bad, the silver lining is that they’ve been a byproduct of their willingness to pass, and their commitment to this system. The Dubs need to tighten up their passing though if they want Curry to keep dominating from deep. He’s shooting 70% on assisted 3-pointers (completely insane). Though some may question the sustainability of this level of shooting, Curry is working harder without the ball than with it, and that’s keeping his stamina up in the long term

Should Curry’s hot shooting hold steady, Golden State won’t just run through the league; they’ll tear it apart. Whether it be behind Steph’s historic start to the 2018-19 season, or just the sheer joy that he brings to the sport, Curry is captaining this squad and picking up where he left off in 2016.