Insecure S3E8 - I See You Issa! *Lawrence Voice*

Ghost Like, the season finale of Insecure, directed by Regina King, kicks off with Issa (Issa Rae) struggling to plan her block party. Abandoning the idea for now, Issa shares with Molly (Yvonne Orji) that she blocked Nathan (Kendrick Sampson), shifting her energy to celebrating her 30th birthday and focusing on beginning a new career. Issa finally gathered the confidence to apply for work at The Beat Crew, seeks new professional acquaintances and steps into her own light.

“I just want to be drama free and happy”
— Issa

Issa’s longing to be drama free will be a little difficult considering her best friend is Molly.

With ever growing work problems, Molly tries her best to remain resilient. After going behind Taurean’s (Leonard Robinson) back and presenting their work on her own, the energy between them has been off. She attributes her professional struggles to being a woman, which can account for some of the double standards, placing Molly in less than happy situations. Yet in typical Molly fashion, she has yet to own up to her own gripes.

Although Taurean was not so impressed with Molly’s takeover, the partners at the law firm were. The two were named co-leads on the important case and Taurean claims Molly’s aggressiveness will suit them well, a description in which she visually disapproves. Later on, Taurean leaves Molly to lead on her own. During a movie screening where the ladies celebrate Issa’s 30th birthday, Molly runs into Jared, and wrongfully assuming his sexuality, ending up looking shamefully embarrassed in front of his new girlfriend, Issa and Kelli. Molly’s only saving grace is apologizing to Andrew (Alexander Hodge) after an episode of shenanigans and being read for filth by Issa.

Nathan finally comes back after going full Danny Phantom for a month, but to his surprise, Molly stepped up and blocked his seemingly swift return. Showing up with flowers hoping to speak with Issa, Molly let’s him know that “nah, it’s her birthday and she happy. You not ‘bout to fuck it up.”

A move that many on Twitter disagreed with, Molly had her friend’s best wishes at heart. Knowing Issa wanted a fun, drama-free celebration of thirty years of life, Molly made the executive decision to not allow Nathan to pop up and ultimately turn the party upside down. Issa literally lost her mind while he disappeared, so why should he be allowed to surprise visit on a landmark birthday?

Lawrence continues to infiltrate season three as we meet his father, who drops some gems on his young and dumb son. Lawrence tries to convince his father that although he and Issa are talking, they are “done done” but follows it up with stories of failed dates. His father, Marcus Walker, an elder who is true to the game takes the time to explain why no successful relationship is as easy as meeting, falling in love and walking down the aisle.

“Your mama and me had matching luggage then. We put in work.” says Mr. Walker, referring to Lawrence’s unrealistic request of a woman without baggage. The encouraging speech of creating your own happy ending hopefully did not fall on deaf ears.

For Issa’s birthday, Molly and Kelli (Natasha Rothwell) orchestrate a day together, meeting at the graveyard for a screening of The Last Dragon. Lawrence, Chad and the gang are also at the very public event. With her typical punch lines, Kelli shares that Tiffany decided to have her be the godmother of her light-skinned baby. High on good news, with the clink of champagne flutes, Issa’s thirtieth birthday officially begins, with her gazing at Lawrence from a distance.

“Look at us. Thirty. Single. Black. Out here thriving. Looking like all three Jennifer Hudson’s”
— Kelli

Lawrence meets up with the guys and sees Chad, caressing a Balmain purse, learning that his fiance took him back despite the cheating. Once again, hearing how much work it took to resolve and maintain a happy relationship, the gears in Lawrence’s brain continue to shift. Could he be having second thoughts about forgiving Issa? As the night passes, Lawrence makes his way to join Issa on bringing her a box of raisinets to wish her a happy birthday so maybe, but then again maybe not.

After the event, Issa speaks with the event planner, an acquaintance of Tiffany’s she met at the baby shower. Getting the encouragement she needs to take another shot at planning her block party. Excited to share this information with Molly following the movie night, her best friend is not as supportive as she may have thought. Despite the blowback from Molly, Issa meets with her new colleague, aiming to bring her block party dreams to fruition. After an afternoon of planning Issa leaves to talk to Nathan while her new friend rushes out to her date with…..Lawrence.


All of the messages Lawrence received about dating and relationships, despite foreshadowing a reconciliation, pushed him towards hopefully officially closing the Issa chapter.

Team Issa

Issa meets up at Nathan for an unnecessary but deserved explanation for his disappearance. Sharing with Issa that he went back to Houston, Nathan appeals to everyone who is also dealing with a lot of shit. Nathan describes how every so often, he enters a prolonged, down state of mind and not wanting to put Issa through his negativity, he decided its best to shut her, and the world, off.

“So you ghosted me and left LA ‘cuz you were in a bad mood?”
— Issa

After his apology, Issa decides she needs some time to figure out what she wants; a glimmer of hope that Ms. Dee is finally reaching her full form. She rolls up her sleeves and begins to unpack her new apartment, although residing there for a month. Unsettled in her discomfort, Issa finally makes strides to satisfy herself. Adding the final touches to her new home, Issa sits by herself, on her own couch, on her own place, gleaming with gratitude, a 180 from how she began this season.

Season three as a whole felt anti-climatic. Although enjoyable, somehow everything happened and yet nothing happened simultaneously. However we did get to learn more about the characters, and introduced (and dropped) some key names. The series explored workplace microaggressions, mental health, ghosting, relocating and just about every other issue millennials face today. Hopefully season four continues the glow-up. While I expect more Lawrence and Nathan, I hope we also get more happy Issa, conquering her thirties.