This Week in WWE: Bellalution is a MYSTERY... and Becky and Charlotte fight to be the last woman standing


Chris Novak: Starting off Raw with… Triple H and Shawn Michaels, of course. They recapped the match at Super Show-Down with BoD standing tall.

Robert O’Neill: And now Triple H is talking about how respect is important and Undertaker didn’t show him respect. I wonder where this is going!

Chris Novak: And they essentially confirm what we knew: HHH and HBK are facing Taker and Kane at Crown Jewel (as D-X). I don’t wanna come off too strongly here but… yawn.

So. We started the in-ring portion of the program with Bobby Lashley against Kevin Owens. But… with a twist! There was a double turn! Lashley and Lio Rush are now heels, and Owens is a face. Lashley beat Owens down to cement the turn. I have to say…. I’m… very intrigued by this. Very, very intrigued.

Robert O’Neill: Who doesn’t love a good double turn? I’m here for it!

Chris Novak: Evidently we’re getting an MMC rematch between B&B and Mahalicia. They had an interview that was interrupted by Lio and Bob. Just some back-and-forth with them.

Elias was in the ring and he did his thing. He mocked both John Cena and the Chicago Cubs. The latter was more jarring than the former. Ronda interrupted and we had a SSD rematch between Ronda & The Bellas against Riott Squad.

Robert O’Neill: Elias is rude. That was uncalled for.

Chris Novak: Same thing happened there. Ronda made Ruby tap out with the armbar. After the match, both Bellas attacked Ronda, which was obviously airmailed from the jump. It was a pretty solid beatdown, all things considered. Accomplished all the goals. Etc., etc.

Robert O’Neill: Hey it’s Bayley and Finn Balor! I like how they’re just around each other every week now. Good stuff.

Chris Novak: Bayley and Finn beat Jinder and Alicia in the scheduled rematch from last week’s MMC. Look, I’m an optimistic person. So, hear me out. Bayley and Finn Balor started working together, in canon, on September 24. Finn beat Jinder that night. Bayley beat Alicia last week. Then, they had Bayley and Finn beat Alicia and Jinder. And then, TONIGHT, they did it again. You don’t just have this much emphasis for it to go nowhere… given that the MMC Finals are in San Jose at TLC, I’m feeling something in my bones.

(Of course, Bayley and Finn would lose after I write this. NATURALLY!)

Acting General Manager Baron Corbin inserted himself in the “Global Battle Royal.” Looks like a couple indie talents get work and… hey, wait a second… the wrestler in The Conquistador getup looks very, very familiar…………

Robert O’Neill: Well that’s quite a way to bring Angle back into the fold. Have to assume there will be a power struggle between he and Corbin, perhaps with a Team Angle vs. Team Corbin match at Survivor Series?

Chris Novak: So Nia faced Ember Moon in a match that was done “in the spirit of competition.” Ember won via countout after Nia ran into the side of the ring. I thought they were going to do something there, but… then again, more than two turns would have been a bit excessive.

Here comes Trish, who’s less than three weeks away from her match with Alexa Bliss. I would reckon we’re going to get some interaction here.

Robert O’Neill: She sounds very Canadian.

Chris Novak: So, evidently, after a back-and-forth, Mickie essentially challenged Trish to a tag match. So in comes Lita! At Evolution, they’re now doing a tag match between Mickie and Alexa and Trish and Lita. There are few noteworthy things here. Firstly, they’re condensing the card a bit with this decision. Secondly, this switch is likely due to Alexa’s injury issues. This will keep her well protected in more ways than one because it’s likely that, if her and Mickie’s team would lose, Mickie can easily eat the pin. Secondly, it keeps her fresh and doesn’t allow her to get too banged up as she would be in a singles match. Apparently this had been brewing, and if the injury is why the match was changed then good on them for condensing things.

Robert O’Neill: Yeah this is logical and smart. I’m here for it. Plus it adds another open slot to the card. Bob Roode and Chad Gable took on, get this, The Ascension. How new and exciting!

Chris Novak: The match was whatever. AoP came out and wrecked shop afterwards. This is the second week in a row that they’ve done this, so we’ll see where this eventually leads to.

Paul Heyman cut a promo about Lesnar winning at Crown Jewel. Then, the main event commenced.

Robert O’Neill: Imagine if Paul Heyman would have gotten any new material in the past three years. He’d be so good.

Time for the main event! The Shield take on the Dogs of War in a Super Show-Down rematch!

After a lengthy match, Dogs of War won when Drew McIntyre hit a Claymore on Dean Ambrose. There was more dissention amongst The Shield as the show ended.

Final Thoughts

Robert O’Neill: Well, Raw was certainly… Raw. If you like Triple H and Shawn Michaels, you probably liked this show! I don’t even have a problem with the way they brought Kurt Angle back. But if everything until Evolution and Crown Jewel is gonna be “hey remember the 90s?!?!” when you have the best roster in WWE history currently at your disposal, it’s gonna be hard to keep my interest. C

Chris Novak: Thought the exact opposite here. This show was awesome. The beginning was meh but literally everything else was outstanding. There were some great resets, pretty good and fun matches aplenty and everything else. Again, just completely disagree with this notion and philosophy that they’re focusing on the past for Evolution and that’s taking precedent. Look around you. There’s one match that predominantly features people from the past, and it’s only because it just came together to become a tag match. Everything else features current people (I’m not including the Bellas. They’re current. They’re not from the past.) Anyhow, this Raw was outstanding. A- for me.


Chris Novak: Kicking things off with a Women’s Championship Match between Becky Lynch and Charlotte! That’s one way to get this train going.

Robert O’Neill: Holy crap. Becky and Charlotte went 25 minutes and ended in a double countout (remember, if Becky got DQ’d she would lose the title). Then they continued brawling after, and Charlotte speared Becky through the LED screen at the top of the ramp. Whew. And Charlotte’s hand is bleeding. Holy crap.

Chris Novak: Okay, that match went from “This is really good!” and… then turned into “Oh shit, this got ugly really quickly.” Hopefully Charlotte is okay because that looked like not only a broken arm, but it looked like her wrist started bleeding.

Robert O’Neill: We have another WWE World Cup Qualifying Match, as Samoa Joe takes on Jeff Hardy for the first time under the WWE umbrella, so that’s neat.

Chris Novak: Jeff Hardy defeated Samoa Joe via ref stoppage. NOT what I was expecting but they were putting over that Joe’s leg was the reason why he couldn’t continue. That works for me a bit, even if it was a bit surprising!

Robert O’Neill: Paige announces that Charlotte is banged up but can still participate in the Mixed Match Challenge tonight, AND she’ll be in a Last Woman Standing match against Becky at Evolution. Whew, boy.

Chris Novak: I am so down for this, honestly. SO down for it. And people are putting down Evolution. Gimme a break!

Robert O’Neill: Now it’s time for Miz TV, with both Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles. Miz takes a lot of shots at both of them, mentioning that they’re pretty much the same person, then AJ and Bryan start taking shots at Miz. But Miz lets AJ know that he’s facing Shelton Benjamin next, and then Miz and Bryan go on commentary.

Chris Novak: The match itself proved to be pretty good! But that’s to be expected when you have Shelton Benjamin and AJ Styles in a ring together.

Robert O’Neill: We had the follow-up part of the Aiden English and Lana stuff. It was very dumb. You can watch the video for yourself.

Time for the main event. Big Show is main eventing Smackdown in 2018! This is wild. He’s facing Randy Orton in a WWE World Cup qualifying match and is super svelte now. This is awesome.

The match was also quite good! Orton got the win to qualify for the World Cup (which now features Kurt Angle, John Cena, Jeff Hardy, and Randy Orton. Real diverse set of nationalities there), but the overall point was that it was nice to see Big Show.

Final Thoughts

Robert O’Neill: Smackdown was good! I still don’t love that they’re doing Styles/Bryan, but Becky and Charlotte had one of the best women’s matches in recent memory, and I liked most of the other stuff as well. It was kind of a weird show because it had four long matches and not too much else, but that was also fine considering they had a 20 hour flight back from Australia. B

Chris Novak: Really enjoyed SmackDown a whole lot and that’s not really surprising. It’s typically great and this one was no different. Becky-Charlotte was awesome and this feud just gets better and better. Have no doubt that the LWS match at Evolution is going to be stupendous. Everything else was real good. B+ for me, as I’m the high man this week.