The mystery surrounding Fred Hoiberg

Hello Bulls fans,

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This season has been quite the roller coaster for the Chicago Bulls. The belief was this season would be an automatic tank year because of how young the roster is, but hroughout the course of the season we’ve enjoyed the rapid development of the young players.

The underrated reason why this has happened is because of Fred Hoiberg’s guidance and teaching to the young players.

Fred was brought to Chicago after Thibs was prematurely fired. Hoiberg coached at Iowa State, where he gave that program an identity and made the Cyclones relevant in college basketball. They played as fast as any team in the country, firing three-pointers at will and placing an emphasis on meaningful off-the-ball motion. This is a philosophy that Fred Hoiberg tried to bring into Chicago for the Bulls to run offensively.

Instead of running a fast paced, run and gun, 3 point shooting offense his first couple of seasons as the head coach Fred Hoiberg had to endure players who didn’t respect or trust his system. Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler are two great players who are not known for 3 point shooting. I’ve mentioned in another post that I believed the Bulls were going to rebuild after trading Derrick Rose in 2016. I believed Fred Hoiberg would finally get the opportunity to implement his college based 3 point run and gun system but he was handed an even worse situation. The “three alphas” Rajon Rondo, Dwyane Wade, and Jimmy Butler make up the worst 3 point shooting back court and small forward triplet ever. These already established players clashed with a young new head coach and were already set in their ways. Jimmy Butler is recently on record saying that Hoiberg didn’t have the respect in the locker room from the veteran players.

The trade that sent Butler to Minnesota and brought Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn, and Lauri Markkanen to Chicago finally meant Fred Hoiberg has the horses to teach his style of basketball. Watching the style, tempo, and success from the 3 point line being implemented has been quite a thrill to see. Denzel Valentine, Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic have all benefited from playing with a younger and quicker point guard in Kris Dunn. Lauri Markkanen has enjoyed the most successful 3-point shooting season from a rookie in NBA history.  I am looking forward to the development of these players in this system. They all seem to be a fit and I’m glad to see things coming together for the Chicago Bulls future.