Eat Right, Pt. I

No, you don’t have to pour buffalo sauce on cauliflower or carve up a tofurkey to be healthy. Definitely not shading those food choices (lower your asparagus spears, vegans), but a lot of people don’t realize that they don’t have to give up all their favorites to eat better.  It just takes an open mind, some proper planning, and most importantly, the desire to treat your body a lot better.

One of the main issues some people have is not eating ENOUGH.  Most nutritionists recommend eating 3-5 times a day with appropriate portions. For example, skipping breakfast is a BIG no-no. You need food as fuel so eating breakfast sets the tone for the day and gets your metabolism going as well.  Even if it’s just an apple and a handful of almonds, try your best to start every day with something (preferably healthy) in your belly. A friend of mine suggested doing breakfast prep at night and just reheating in the morning; heavier items like sausage or bacon can be prepared at night and then scrambling some quick eggs in the morning can save a lot of time. 

Some people don’t have the luxury of a long lunch at work or even consistent breaks, so eating throughout the workday can be difficult.  Carrot sticks, almonds, celery and similar items act as great snacks to grab out your locker and quickly get that nourishment.  This helps your metabolism work a little harder to burn, but it won’t be as difficult to burn off like a burger would.

Meal planning for the work week is not everyone’s friend. Not everyone is ok with reheating food made earlier in the week or eating some of the same items more than once a week.  However, it saves money (who doesn’t need that?) time during the week, and is usually a healthier solution than skimming through food options every day per week. And don’t even get me started if you work somewhere around a lot of fast food places. Torture much?

Sugar sugar, how you get so…tired? Probably because sugar comes with that inevitable crash and does damage to your metabolism and major organs. It sits and festers in your body like that old ex-girlfriend who still calls your mama on Sundays to stay relevant. All bad. Cut as much of it out as possible. That Minute Maid Berry Punch keeps calling you (trust me, it got me on speed dial)? Opt out for some herbal tea with a little organic honey and raw sugar. Got a sweet tooth for a cupcake or a ho-ho? Try some fruit, nuts, or even a whole wheat muffin. You got options to opt out of sugar, sugar.

Water your own grass. This has several meanings (I’ll address in another article), but it’s basically the concept of the grass being greener where you water it. Thus, water YOURSELF. Nothing makes my lips chap quicker than hearing an adult say they don’t like water. You literally need it to survive. Tastes boring? Squeeze a little lemon or lime in there. Infuse with some cucumber and mint for a more refreshing drink, which also adds health benefits. The ideal amount per day should be half your weight and translate that to ounces; if you weigh 200 lbs, you should be consuming about 100oz of water a day.  Hold yourself accountable by tracking your intake throughout the day. You’ll be surprised by how much you ingest by the time you lay it down for the day.

There are more tips for how to eat right and live better (including some recipes coming up), but you’ll just have to come back and find out, won’t you? Wanna really make 2018 your year? Treat your body how it deserves to be treated so you can see more years to come. Come back for more tips or feel free to hit me up on the interwebs if you have any suggestions!