Simple self-care tips for men

Is your hairline moonwalking from your face?  Did your team blow a 3-1 lead in the finals?  Was the game cheating the last time you played 2K?

This may lead to frustration, stress, even self-doubt. You may not even recognize yourself in the mirror after missing that layup at the gym with the guys. We all see the tweets and IG posts about how to exercise self-care, but it’s rare that it’s geared towards males (See how weird that sounds? Don’t call women females, guys ☺).  

Anywho, here are a few tips to keep that hairline in place and those back knots at bay.


We’re not talking about Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo or even a Kamehameha, that is, unless those phrases bring you some kind of peace.  A lot of people have this one idea of meditation where you’re sitting with your feet folded up and holding your hands like you’re about to muff somebody.

Honestly, meditation is what you make it.  It’s all about releasing negative energy and thoughts and bringing in the positive. Focusing on what you’re grateful for is a great way to exercise this.  Some do this with music, some in silence. There are even apps to assist you; Headspace being a great example.

Home Pamper Days



Yes, men can pamper and no, it does not make you a metrosexual (what does that word even mean?). Foot spas are like twenty bucks at Walgreens so it’s no excuse for y'all feet to be looking like pork cracklings.

If you wanna go get a pedicure, be my guest because it’s actually a good time with the massage chair. However, this is for the menfolks who don’t wanna be bothered with the public: bubble baths can be super soothing as well, maybe throw a few bubbles in there and a drop of lavender or eucalyptus oil. Rev Run had some of his best thoughts come out of a bubble bath, so imagine what it can do for you.

Grab your Bluetooth speaker and play your favorite slow jams playlist while you soak away the stresses of Xbox betrayals.  Dare we say, light some candles? Get real romantic with yourself, because who’s gonna love you like you? Nobaaahhhdy.

Get Fine or Whatever



Nothing like looking good to feel good. Spring for a haircut and line those facial hairs up. Got a little extra coin? Get that facial, boo! The professional kind…or not—we all grown here.  Maybe Macy’s or Nordstrom is having a cute sale on some nice shirts or sweaters. Foot Locker might have some nice hooping socks or hoodies (grab two, one for your girlfriend if you’re smart).

Bottom Line: Whether you find your happy in watching wrestling, reading some books, working out, etc, just find it.  Happiness is a never-ending job and we owe it to ourselves to be at our best. It’s ok to not be ok sometimes, but you can’t stay down. Men have a lot on their shoulders and we love yall ashy selves, so take care of yourselves. Please?