Best wrestling themes in the world

First impressions are everything. Your initial encounter with someone sets the tone for how your relationship, or connection with that person, takes shape. A bad first impression and they become an afterthought; a great first impression and they could be immortalized.

Before a wrestler jerks the curtain and enters the arena, the first thing you hear is the riff of a guitar, or the keys of a piano, or the start of a new head-bopping ditty. Even before fans have the chance to shower that person with cheers or jeers, your perception of them is already made in the first few seconds of their music hitting. They're either a star or a bust.

The greatest in-ring performers in history have all had identifiable, iconic themes. Hulk Hogan's Real American wasn't even meant for the Hulkster, but as soon as you hear that familiar riff, emotions start rushing through your body like a phenomenon is about to happen. If I hear glass breaking, be sure I'm about to hum the shit out of Stone Cold Steve Austin's music. Also sprach Zarathustra isn't from 2001: a Space Odyssey; it's the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair's music. These are all icons in the ring, but their themes sets them even further apart from the rest.

Which brings us to present day. The music of our favorite wrestlers serves as soundtracks to memories, make their way onto our workout playlists, and in some instances blend into popular music. Gone are the Aggression and Forceable Entry CD's, but the themes still resonate with us as fans, and these are some of the best ditties out right now.



Marty Scurll - One True Villain (Hot Tag Media Works) - If you don't pay attention to New Japan or the indies, you're missing out on one of the coldest themes to hit wrestling in a really long time. Marty Scurll is an interesting dude: a dastardly fellow clad in fur coat and mask, umbrella in hand. Scurll has emerged as one of the breakout stars in wrestling since adopting the persona, and his brooding, dark theme only enhances his character. It's everything you want in a guy that calls himself 'The Villain', and it makes the Bullet Club member that much more of a star on the independent scene.

Pete Dunne - Bruiserweight (CFO$) - When Pete Dunne debuted on U.S. TV at the UK Tournament a year ago, something about him told me he would be a megastar one day. Maybe it was the way that he carried himself - an arrogant prick ready to kick your ass at a moment's notice - but he had star potential written on him the moment he stepped foot in WWE. A year later, he's growing into a potential superstar, and his music has been a big part of him getting over. A wrestler's music must give him a swagger that is unmatched, and Pete Dunne feels that every time he walks down that ramp. Hell you feel it... It's a beautiful thing when all of those factors - music, character, attitude - mesh together so perfectly. They do with the Bruiserweight.

Aleister Black - Root of All Evil (CFO$ ft. Incendiary) - No man is ever truly GOOD. No man is ever truly EVIL. Those words perfectly sum up NXT's Aleister Black, a dark, mysterious figure. There may be a layer of inherent good hidden beneath the tattoos, but fuck with the man and your head may get kicked off. His theme tensely builds into an aggressive metal anthem that sucks you into the peculiar mind of Black. When the music takes you into a wrestler's psyche, you engulf yourself into that character... and Black won fans over the second his music hit. He's going to be a player for many years to come, and I hope he never changes his fucking theme.



The Usos - Down with That (CFO$) - Jimmy and Jey were stuck in that awful "when I say UCE, y'all say SO" shit for years, so I'm glad the Federation finally let them be themselves and prove they've been down since their Day One Ish. The beat on this joint is sooooooo cold, and the Usos ad-libbing all over it remind me of 1998 The Rock (I mean they are cousins). When this comes on and the Usos come down to the ring, you know it's a long day in the Uso Penitentiary for whoever's standing on the opposite end.

Velveteen Dream - Velveteen (CFO$) - The Velveteen Dream is Goldust meets Prince. The eccentric, purple-clad Dream carries himself like a rock star and the Prince parallels are abound, from his get-up to her mannerisms to his use of the color purple. His funky ditty adds so much to his character. It's not one I'm gonna do squats to anytime soon, but there's not many guys who's music perfectly matches their in-ring persona quite like the Velveteen Dream.

Other amazing theme songs in wrestling:
Asuka - The Future (CFO$)

Kenny Omega - Devil's Sky
Finn Balor - Catch Your Breath
Shinsuke Nakamura - The Rising Sun
Johnny Gargano - Rebel Heart
Seth Rollins - The Second Coming
AJ Styles - Phenomenal

Here's a list of current badass themes to get you through the day (Apple Music subscription required). I'll update it as more music comes out.