Survivor Series 2018: Results, recap, analysis

Rob and Chris are here to recap the events of the last of the Big 4 events for 2018!

So we had some chaos and news on the pre-show. First off, Natalya and Ruby Riott were kicked off Team Raw by team captain Alexa Bliss after an altercation. Elsewhere, Mandy Rose was announced as the fifth member of Team SmackDown Live.


Chris Novak: This match went as expected. Which is to say that it was a bit of a mess at first, but got really fun at the end. Lots of rapid eliminations and not a whole lot of storytelling and whatnot. Which I suppose is fine and I wasn’t exactly expecting anything else to happen. Gable and Roode did some crazy cool shit. Gable, in particular, had one spot where he hit a German OFF THE TOP ROPE and landed onto everybody. Eventually it ended with The Usos defeating The Revival to give the W to Team SmackDown Live. A very good match all things considered. ***

Well, would you look at that? Bayley and Sasha Banks are the replacements for Team Raw. Bayley and Sasha make it clear they don’t owe anybody anything, and that after Survivor Series, they’re coming after all of them after what happened to them this past Monday. LOVE IT! Of course I do. You know by now how it goes.


Chris Novak: A good match to start the show, if not structured a little bit weirdly. It was cool to see Mandy and Sonya get a lot of burn, but they did so at the expense of Naomi and Carmella, two extremely popular SDL women. As a result, the crowd was a little dead during parts of this match. I enjoyed that we got a lot of Sasha Banks-Asuka in this match. Bayley, meanwhile, did her best with Carmella, Mandy and Sonya. Surprised? Hell no. Nia, meanwhile, got heavy heat as expected. She wound up being the sole survivor after pinning Asuka. I cannot say that I’m surprised. This was going to be the result even before the incident with Becky happened earlier in the week. So it’s hard to be mad at this. It’s a low bar set, but this was easily the best women’s elimination match since they’d started doing these things. ***1/4 for me.

Rob O’Neill: Off the bat, I don’t like Nia Jax winning and being the sole survivor. I get it, but turning what she did to Becky Lynch into an angle pretty much seems kinda gross to me. Aside from that, it was excellent to see Bayley and Sasha Banks on PPV. I wonder if the idea was supposed to be Smackdown’s two top women are out of commission and not on the team, so logically there’s no reason Raw shouldn’t win. Despite all of that, I thought it was a perfectly fine match to open the show.


Rob O’Neill: This match was very good! I liked it a lot. It’s just… I don’t know why I was supposed to care about it. Over the past couple weeks, Rollins has been (rightfully) preoccupied with Dean Ambrose. Nakamura has hardly been featured apart from one interview this past week on SmackDown Live where they built up the feud. Combine those elements with the fact that they only had six shows to build to this, and you have a recipe for apathy.

Funny segment backstage with the Raw team, Braun in particular, and R-Truth, as well.


Chris Novak: This match featured four big dudes just laying it into each other. You love to see it. Drake Maverick wound up pissing himself which provided enough distraction for AOP to get the victory with a double team move. A solid match on its own. *** will do it for me.

Rob O’Neill: This was shorter than I would have liked and Drake Maverick literally pissed his pants. It was weird.


Chris Novak: Before this gets started, shout out to both these dudes for making the main card. These dudes spent the time in this match just trying to kill each other and it worked the crowd over. Just a couple of absolutely insane spots, like a Spanish Fly off the announce table, among other things. Bud Murphy won and retained his title after a HUGE knee to the face and the 1-2-3 after hitting Ali with Murphy’s Law. ****1/4 for me and the clear MOTN so far. Awesome, AWESOME stuff.

Rob O’Neill: Hey the cruiserweights got on the main card of a PPV and they surely didn’t disappoint. The match started a bit slow, but once it picked up the crowd was all over it and it was great to see for these two. I’m interested where Buddy Murphy goes from here.


Chris Novak: After a pretty fun and lengthy affair, Team Raw won 3-0 and are now up 4-0. I have no real idea of why Raw is on the way to a clean sweep of SmackDown Live, but so it goes. The match itself was really fun and had a lot of cool and fun matchups. ***3/4 for me here, to be quite honest.

Rob O’Neill: While this wasn’t the best Survivor Series match of all time, it was fun and captured the spirit of the event. Shane McMahon bumped like a madman, as he does, and Raw got the victory and continued their hot streak. This will likely have a lot of storyline affects on SmackDown on Tuesday.


Chris Novak: Holy Lord, this match. These two went hard as hell for however long this went. Stiffness, sloppiness, physicality and brutality. The match eventually came to an end after Charlotte beat the shit out of Ronda with a kendo stick. She then turned it up a notch and beat her up with a chair. If that wasn’t enough, after dismissing officials, she wrapped a steel chair around Ronda’s neck and STEPPED ON IT! Unbelievable showing by Charlotte, who was INCREDIBLY over with the LA crowd after the ass whooping. **** from me. Just a GREAT match and GREAT post-match segment.

Rob O’Neill: Well this was a fight, plain and simple. It would have been the same if it was Ronda and Becky, because they need to get to the 4 Horsewomen vs. 4 Horsewomen match. What I didn’t expect was the brutality! Charlotte used a chair and a kendo stick and Ronda got busted open. Also Charlotte and Ronda are two of the best big-match performers in WWE today, so this certainly didn’t disappoint.


Chris Novak: What an unbelievable match. Lesnar beat the shit out of Bryan for about eight minutes and then Bryan turned it ALL the WAY UP! Brock sold his ass off for Bryan, and Bryan is just a fucking masterful professional wrestler. The greatest of his generation. This was the match of the night and a MOTYC. Daniel Bryan is ALL the WAY BACK! ****3/4.

Rob O’Neill: In terms of pure professional wrestling, this was one of the best matches of all time. I’m not exaggerating. I struggled with how to put my thoughts into words about this one, but it was amazing. Lesnar started the match throwing Bryan around for a solid five minutes and it looked like it would be a runaway (shoutout to Renee Young for playing up the danger to Bryan’s health angle on commentary, which many parroted on Twitter), but then suddenly out of nowhere, Bryan hit a sick looking knee and it suddenly we had a David vs. Goliath story! It shows two things: Daniel Bryan is perhaps the best all-around professional wrestler in the world, and when Brock Lesnar actually gives a shit about the match he’s in, he’s also one of the best in the world still.


Chris Novak: A very good show. The first half of this was so-so but not objectively, outright terrible. The final four matches of the show whipped ass, with the main event being the standout of the show. I don’t know why Raw was booked to sweep, but it’s hard to care when all of this will be rendered meaningless in a few weeks anyway. I’ll give this show a solid B+. It’s the fourth-best of the Big 4 shows this year but that’s not a big deal, because all of them were very good to excellent this year.

Rob O’Neill: This show was pretty average at some points, but the cruiserweight match, the women’s match, and the main event stand out and made it very good. If you don’t count Crown Jewel (you shouldn’t), WWE is on a hot streak with Pay-Per-Views at this point, and I’m interested to see if they can keep it rolling, AND i’m interested in watching Raw and Smackdown to see where things go next, which is all I’ve ever asked from a PPV. B+

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The Looking Glass #18 - "Excelsior Bitches"
First Black Champ - the Oral History of The Rock

Jill Scott is wylin and Big E trying to get his dick sucked. NXT Takeover War Games was very very good, but this week it's truly all about the Oral History of The Rock! Enjoy the card subject to change Survivor Series then check out the First Black Champ Podcast!

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79th and Halas - The North Remembers
A Ruthless Aggression Thanksgiving

On a special Thanksgiving episode of Ruthless Aggression, Pierce Rob & Chris talk about their favorite Thanksgiving moments in wrestling, and debut a new segment called "The List". Plus this week in the Ruthless Aggression era, including a dream match between Shawn Michaels and Rob Van Dam for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Random Acts of Podcast - No Nut To Dead Pornstars November (w/ @banksnorest)

On this week’s episode of RAOP while Devin is locked up in jail we bring on first time guest @banksnorest and we chop it up about the City Girls potentially getting cancelled, Florida Man vs California Man, King of Diamonds getting shutdown, Nia Jax being an unsafe worker and a ton more other topics. Remember to send in your listener questions to email us at or call 424-260-RAOP to leave a voicemail

Smino is ready to put St. Louis back on the map for good

As a person who has lived in the Tri-State area for the past 26 years, it pains me to say that the East Coast hasn't been the epicenter of hip-hop lately. We've maintained relevancy for three straight summers with anthems like OOOUUU, Unforgettable, Bodak Yellow, and Mo Bamba; but for a while now, the East hasn't strong-armed the game on a national level like the days of Wu-Tang, Bad Boy, and Roc-A-Fella.

What led me to take inventory of the power rankings for the four major regions was the sublime dominance of the Midwest in 2018. The overwhelming talent pouring out of Chicago featuring the poetic wordsmith Noname, the multisyllabic raconteur Saba, and the bombastically versatile Joey Purp to name a few, will assert the city as chief of the region. Freddie Gibbs, from nearby Gary, Indiana, and Detroit’s Payroll Giovanni, Sada Baby and Black Milk further strengthen the Midwest's claim with new material worthy of end-of-the-year list consideration.

Just south of the Chi is St. Louis: a metropolis heralded for its Cardinals and its Gateway Arch. Here to place its hip-hop scene back on the map for 2018 and beyond is the eclectic presence of Smino.

From North St. Louis, Christopher Smith Jr. has an artistry as vibrant as autumn's foliage. His multi-faceted talent was on full display throughout NOIR, the follow-up project to the 27-year-old rapper official debut blkswn from 2017. Painting Smino's style with a few broad strokes or simply typecasting him "avant-garde" would be an unfair glance. At a run-time just under an hour, NOIR is a genre-blending effort deep-rooted with hip-hop, neo-soul, funk, and RnB traditions that are remixed with an exotic twist. Although he's fairly new to public consciousness among music fans, Smino has been harnessing his craft since elementary school. "'In first grade, I wrote my first rap on my homework. I got in trouble because I was talking about robbing people and stuff—I was 7 or 8 years old,' he remembered, laughing."

Growing up in a household surrounded by music only furthered his early development. "I'm a musician. I'm into everything. My mama sang and my dad played piano—Sunday morning you can catch them still doing that at church." With hymnals and instrumentation embedded in the Smith lineage, it's no mystery how Smino became drawn to his current profession. What separates himself from many of his peers is the unique presentation of complex lines coupled with melodies that effortlessly toggle between sung and rapped. One can tell such dense and layered music is a result of years exposure to sound and dedicated practice. A novice's attempt would only create disjointed confusion; on NOIR, the listener is taken on a techni-colored journey that "neatly" explores the boundaries of audio recordings.

"My ability to just hear a harmony or sing a melody to invoke a feeling...that comes from church."

Lead singles are often mission statements to new and old fans alike. Lyrically, visually, and sonically, L.M.F. is an introduction to the unconventional world of this project:

Said she Rafiki, you a lion, Mufasa
Baby ain't nothing ’bout me PG, rated X for extraordinary

The Mary got me merry, now I'm singing like Mary Mary
The coupe going stupid, call it Cupid it's February
Lil boo got them juices, heal me up with the elderberry
Typhoon in that Poom Poom, taste better when it’s vegetarian
I milk the game like moo-moo-moo, bitch get out the way
A St. Louis nigga give you Jason Voorhees or Jayson Tatum

The Afrobeat-inspired production, handled by a familiar Sango, sounds like a cut that could easily wind up in the live-action remake of The Lion King. The fun and light-hearted bounce allow a canvas for Smino to create an authentic painting, one that's outlined with wordplay and colored in with a lively vocal performance. It may seem chaotic at first, but the infectious nature of the song will draw you back for multiple plays and a deeper dive into the music. The rest of NOIR operates in a similar fashion. The duality of this album is a strength in and of itself, which lends to the high replay value. It's great for passive listening as the soulful and smooth production from long-time confidant Monte Booker, paired with the variety of flows and melodies by Smino, makes for something to chill and vibe to. Pay closer attention to the coded lyrics and you'll grinning at his cleverness.

Active listeners will get rewarded with gems like the string of bars from the album opener KOVERT:

I ain't seen my mama in a minute
On my heart, just like a pendant
I hate thinkin' 'bout that shit, it's like a domino
Black spots up in my memory
I white out all the pain with green
That's the only color that ain't done me wrong
Damn, how I'm harming these niggas
With these harmonies, nigga
Is you a R&B nigga? Something I gotta know

Vibin' to the bop on the first couple spins then all of a sudden, that hidden coded language becomes untangled. Curious thoughts of "what else did I miss?" will lead an active listener to question every line no matter how insignificant it may seem. Highlights from NOIR include the heavy dub-infused TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD, the mellow yet active groove of FENTY SEX featuring a breezy, dominant Dreezy, and, in light of recent news, the transition from BAMx2 to the 808 thudding, strip club anthem, KRUSHED ICE featuring Valee serves as a perfect eulogy to King of Diamonds. Above all, PIZANO may be the fan favorite because of Smino's spastic flow as he spits a metaphor-filled 16 bar stanza before he melodically dips for the last five on the dismount.

However, one of the most poignant verses on NOIR is one of his most straightforward.

On HOOPTI, he raps:

I come from the north side, St. Louis, let me tell you 'bout it
Mama always worried about her baby when he leave the house
22s on the Monte Carlo, Remy in the cupholder
With the semi in the stroller, baby seat
And the back this for safety he just holdin' trivia
You never know who might be lurking over shoulders
Man I thank the Lord every time I see my niggas
Not being dramatic, life cinematic


Listen to “NOIR” by Smino


In his interview with The FADER, Smino recalls spending a lot of time in Ferguson County, where he experienced harassment from law enforcement while growing up. Before finalizing his move to Chicago to focus on music in August 2014, he returned to St. Louis for a short stay. He saw the blood-stained ground just hours after Michael Brown was killed. He was there at the first protest that sparked a national movement. He truly witnessed Ferguson firsthand. The bolded line above holds more weight with this additional context.

From the same interview:

What happened was sad, but it started a whole movement, and woke up the whole country — the world,” Smino told me. “My city did that.

“We kind of got our own planet on this planet, and in this country.” Though Smino wants his music to have a more-than-mighty impact on the universe at large, St. Louis and his people remain his first priority. “Black people only make up 13 percent of the U.S., but I’d rather satisfy that than any other percentile. If something happens to me, I know who goin’ rally behind me,” he says. “I’ve seen it.

Like a majority of the contorted lines throughout the entire album, the word NOIR has a double meaning; 1. the color "Black" in French, and; 2. a genre of crime film or fiction characterized by cynicism, fatalism, and moral ambiguity.  Across his 18-track project, Smino combines the aforementioned double meaning to create a detailed snapshot experience of Black life in modern America. It's bleak. It's joyful. It's painful. It's beautiful. It's complex, layered and sometimes, certain aspects it won't be completely understood by outsiders. No matter how difficult the circumstances get, being alive gives cause to celebrate in a creative and stylish fashion. Smino's music shares the same characteristics that helped the Midwest affirm a seat on top of the game: bold and ambitious with a subtle confidence devoid of conformities.

From a May 2017 interview with Billboard:

The shooting, Smino says, made him decide to push harder to use his voice for good. ‘It made me feel like, s—t, I’m actually feeling like I ain’t been helpful just being out here,’ he relates. ‘That’s kind of how I got to where I’m at — pushing so hard [to do] something better for the city.’

As his trajectory rises to the heights of the Gateway to the West, Smino understands the importance of his influence. By using music to express Black Excellence with this increased platform, he’ll continue to use his voice to promote the values of his heritage and culture, one melodic expression at a time. Nearly two decades earlier, Nelly was the city's trailblazer who shocked the world with his Country Grammar album. Inspired by the same unique and cryptic language laid before him, Smino has the chance to put on for The Lou not just musically, but with a social, civic duty in a way that'll have a lasting impact for years to come.

“A lot of these industry people think I’m stupid. I’m a young black male; you can’t finesse me. We’ve been getting finessed our whole lives. We get that shit! Being a black man in America feels like you’re on damn Jupiter sometimes,” he says with a laugh. “It isn’t familiar. The music industry doesn’t feel familiar. People go through feeling that all the time, you know? Cultural alienation."

Ball Don't Lie - "Shanghai Melo"

It's the final Ball Don't Lie before the Thanksgiving holiday! Pierce is back with Joe and Scott to talk the latest news in the Association and the NFL.

Bears-Vikings preview
Golden State Warriors drama
Jimmy Butler to the Sixers
Is Melo's NBA career done?
The new look Duke Blue Devils
Aaron Donald's not for the ray tay
Panthers not a top tier NFC team
Steelers byke
The "Is the Pats dynasty over" narrative is back
What's wrong with the Eagles?
A Gruden is not to be trusted
Sound byte of the week
Cooper Kupp tears ACL
Dez tears Achilles
Loudpack Leveon missing the 2018 season
Week 11 predictions
Goofy Mog of the Week

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Ruthless Aggression - the Elimination Chamber

The gang doubles up on shows this week! First up: Raw 494 and Smackdown 169, leading right up to Survivor Series 2002 from Madison Square Garden, featuring the first edition of the Elimination Chamber! Then: Raw 495 and Smackdown 170! Plus, Pierce, Rob and Chris give their predictions for this Sunday's Survivor Series PPV in LA, along with NXT Takeover: War Games!

The Looking Glass #17 - "Disnease"
Monday Morning Glory: That's my quarterback

I’ve been on this earth for 27 years, 17 of which I’ve been a passionate, die-hard Chicago Bears fan. In that time, I’ve seen the following starting quarterbacks:

Shane Matthews, Jim Miller, Chris Chandler, Henry Burris, Kordell Stewart, Rex Grossman, Jonathan Quinn, Craig Krenzel, Chad Hutchinson, Kyle Orton, Brian Griese, Jay Cutler, Todd Collins, Caleb Hanie, Josh McCown, Jason Campbell, Jimmy Clausen, Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley, and Mike Glennon.

These twenty quarterbacks range in quality from promising shithead (Cutler) to scrub (pick one) to overpaid immobile dumpster fire (Mike Glennon) and everything in between. So while I understand the city of Chicago’s apprehension to anoint Mitchell Trubisky as the savior of the historic yet playoff dormant franchise because of past wounds left untreated by less talented players, it’s time to admit the truth:

Mitchell Trubisky is the best quarterback the Chicago Bears has ever had.

Given his only competition is Sid Luckman (a quarterback of a far bygone era), Jim McMahon (a gamer but not the greatest), and Jay Cutler (our aforementioned promising shithead), it’s not a hard argument even two years and 21 starts in. However, Trubisky’s play in Sunday’s 34-22 win over the Detroit Lions Sunday showed the championship intangibles that made Ryan Pace overpay to jump up one spot to draft him.

Trubisky completed 23-of-30 passes for a career-high 355 yards and three touchdowns, hitting all three levels of the field, including six completed passes for more than 10+ yards. The Bears ran a more uptempo offense than in previous games this season, and Trubisky thrived, controlling the tempo and calling audibles like his name was Peyton. But that only begins to explain the best game of Tru’s young career. He was excellent in the pocket, with Pro Football Focus giving him a perfect passer rating under pressure.

Trubisky was another beneficiary of the deep ball this week. On deep pass attempts, Trubisky completed four passes on a league-high eight attempts for 128 yards and two touchdowns. He also put together a strong showing under pressure with a perfect passer rating of 158.3 on his six pass attempts when the pass rush got home.

Trubisky really benefited from the return of receiver Allen Robinson; the two connected six times for 133 yards and two touchdowns. Two of Trubisky’s best passes of the day - and his career so far - went to Robinson; one a 27-yard dart into a tight window for a huge chunk of yardage, and another back shoulder throw to the endzone that fell right into the bread basket for six.

Having a phenomenal route runner and receiver helps a ton, but Trubisky is silencing his critics - nationwide and in the city of Chicago - who believe he’s an inaccurate thrower who’s nothing more than an Alex Smith-like game manager. Since a rough start, Trubisky’s play and conviction running the offense has grown tremendously, as explained in this thread by Johnathan Wood of Da Bears Blog:

Trubisky is continuing to develop as an NFL quarterback, but Sunday’s win was his arrival on the big stage, and next Sunday night could very well be the moment the world is put on notice. Bears fans, and his critics, need to let go of the pessimistic nitpicking and enjoy one of the rising stars in the NFL.


Everyone’s trying to move out of Oakland, and not just the football team; the Raiders themselves!

The 1-8 Raiders are so damn sorry, one of their players is ready to say sayonara after their 20-6 loss to the Chargers Sunday, and allegedly that player is Jordy Nelson.

Jordy’s been one of the great receivers of the last decade, and even though he’s not the star he was in Green Bay, it sucks to see him go out like this with a corroding franchise in Oakland. Nothing Jon Gruden has done since returning with a shiny 10-year, $100 million contract has proven to be a good move; from ignoring Khalil Mack for a whole offseason before trading him to Chicago for the grand prize of two low-first round picks (thanks!), to moving former first-rounder Amari Cooper to Dallas for another first (Cooper has two TD’s since moving to Dallas). The Raiders are a sinking ship, and while it’s fun to watch because everyone hates Gruden, it’s sad to see it happen to one of the league’s most beloved brands.

First Black Champ - Becky the Baddest Bitch in the Game

The 2018 Survivor Series is coming up, so Cam Quotes & JR Bang turn back the clock and remember Survivor Series 1997 and the infamous Montreal Screw Job, what they were both doing in 1997 and everything that really mattered about the pay per view, which was pretty terrible. Plus, Survivor Series predictions and GuaranDAMNTees on this episode of the #FirstBlackChamp podcast!

Ruthless Aggression - "WwE dOeSn'T lIsTeN tO iTs FaNs"

This week on Ruthless Aggression, the gang talk about Brock Lesnar winning the Universal Championship (again) and why the "WWE doesn't listen to his fans" narrative is lame. Plus early Survivor Series thoughts, which Superstar on each brand deserves a push the most, and a review of RAW 493 and Smackdown 168!

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Random Acts of Podcast EP203: You Gotta Lot a Girbaud Jeans HA?

On this week’s episode of RAOP we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of Juvenile's 400 Degreez with a bracket of the best Cash Money albums from the Hot Boyz-era. Also, Amp and Devin review Takeoff "The Last Rocket" and Metro Boomin "Not All Heroes Wear Capes". Remember to send in your listener questions to email us at or call 424-260-RAOP to leave a voicemail

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Three Man Rush - Week 11
Ball Don't Lie - "Not my GOAT"
79th and Halas #109 - Playoff Push
Hulk Hogan is bragging about his python again... and shading The New Day at the same time?

When will Terry Bollea learn that bragging about the size of your pythons only gets you in trouble?

So Terry has me blocked on Twitter, which is a shame because he can’t see how awesome my Twitter name/combo is.


Alas, Terry Bollea, star of the hit Pornhub video “I Guess We’re All a Little Racist”, was welcomed back to WWE this summer after a three-year exile, to the dismay of many. Terry’s given fake apologies to anyone that cares to hear them in an effort to fix his shattered reputation. One group of people who weren’t hearing it were the black delegation of wrestlers inside the Federation, of which Titus O’Neill and The New Day have been vocal about their feelings on Terry.

Terry made his first appearance in a WWE ring in three years at last week’s Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia, already a clusterfuck of a show in itself considering Vince McMahon’s refusal to pull out of the event after the country admitted that Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside a Saudi consolate in Turkey in October.

Still, Vince paid Terry - one of many decaying wrestlers on the show - to “host” Crown Jewel, which basically means “go out there, open the show and say ‘Brother’ a few times to make people forget you’re a racist for five minutes.” Terry did his thing and couldn’t wait to get back home to the states to tweet about it.

First, the obvious… Terry is a leathery 65-year-old man. No one except your oversized ego believes you can hang with anyone on the WWE roster, probably not even Noam Dar, who is shaped like a Wheat Thin. You should’ve stopped bragging about your pythons 20 years ago, but clearly you don’t learn from your mistakes.

Second… is he specifically throwing shade at The New Day? Because fam…. I don’t think you want smoke with Big E, Xavier and Kofi. They’re undefeated in this game. Neva lost. Tuesday should be another great promo from ya boys - the New Day.

Back to Terry… the Federation was perfectly fine without you, and it still will be once you’re in the ground. Your presence is unneeded… go tour the country, sign some t-shirts and fade into obscurity. The wrestling world won’t miss you as much as you think.